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FAQ - please read before you ask! Thank you.

(occasionally NSFW)

You are allowed to post my fanart on your blog. You cannot change my fanart in anyway. The only alter I accept is putting my pokemon fanart pictures or part of them in a pokemon card. Please give me credit by puting my DeviantArt name or Karolina 'Twarda' Twardosz in a description and by adding link to my DeviantArt profile.
You have to ask for permision to post commissions and personal work on your blog.
DO NOT post any of my work on Facebook without my permission.

Most of my digital artworks were made in program called GIMP (version 2.6.7.).
I use Wacom tablet (Wacom Bamboo Fun, model CTE-650W).

Email twarda.arts[at]
If I don't respond for a long time then your message may have ended in spam without my knowledge. Please resent the message or notify me via other accounts, like Facebook.

I'm literally amazed! Traced art. [Solved]

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 23, 2016, 8:01 AM


The journal seem to got suprisng amount of attention and since many of you seem to be interested on how the story will solve I decided to update this thing whenever more info comes. The original journal text can be reached below the update(s), under the section tittled "Main".

Too all those who are interested: the person appologised and took down all the pictures. The issue seems to be solved now.
I hope that, with posts with tips on how to use references I sent them, they will make a fresh start and will not attempt to trace other's art any more.
As I think they (hopefully) learned they lesson and they removed all the dubious content, I do belive we can go on and forget about the happening. So please, don't post anything bad on the person's accounts and let's give them another chance.
Again, thank you for your comments as they definitely helped me with reaching the person and solving the issue in more peaceful way.

First, thank you for your feedback. I wrote the journal being overly impressed by the whole thing because, even if I have seen some of my work being stolen, sold, used to sell merchandises, this was the first time I saw someone doing speedpaints of the act and showcasing it to the whole world and calling the art theirs. The whole thing is so abstract that it striked me. In the end I find the whole situation amusing. Because, hell, it is!
Normally I would perhaps ignore the act and forget about it. But they crossed the line when I saw they trace artworks and sell them as commissions.

Seeing them being on YouTube I knew that reporting the videos may not be efficent, as I explained in one of my replies below this journal:
I'm unsure if that will work. It's kinda... gray area here. They do use my art without my permission and they are showcasing it under their name, sure. But at the same time they do their own stuff there (a tutorial of how to painttrace) - an "original" content, in YouTube sense. On top of that, even if the art belongs to me, the character doesn't. It's a fanart afterall.
I also totally forgot that Youtube has a messaging system (I pretty much stopped used them in like 2012 because it ended being useless after the many updates the website had), so I was left (in my head at least) with no way to reach the guy, except maybe for Google+ but who uses that?
Seeing that I can do nothing with the issue (and having no time to search for their other accounts (somehow I wanted to do it in the hard way use reverse image search instead of typing the guys nickname or such but whatever)), I simply wrote the journal (being still amazed by the person impudence), hoping that in the end I may find a good solution for the whole situation later. At the time, the dislikes on their video seemed to be a good lesson for them anyway, especially considering that their act wasn't very harmful.
That is untill I found out they indeed have accounts on other webpages and they may actually doing the commissions right now, tracing my art.

The feedback I got, when I returned home, was suprisngly considerable large. I thought such journals should be a common thing by now on DeviantArt and people should be so used to them that they may as well skip it completely. The only thing I thought I would achieve is some laughts because indeed the person doings are stupidly amusing and maybe dislikes on their videos.
But thanks for the feedback, I got links to the person's other accounts and way more easy way to contact them (anything than YouTube message system is better).
The person accounts can be found below, in the comment section. Mentioning that if someone want to check if they have traced someone else's work. But please, refrain yourself from posting any hateful comments.
I just have sent the note to the person. My further actions will depend on their respond.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Ya know, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", right? Sure and it's all fine, but it has its boundaries.

I just found out that there is a person who is not only tracing my fanart without my knowledge but also they seem to be selling it (according by the title video). And, on top of that, they are showing the whole process online!
The act isn't particularly harmful to be honest and I had worse issues than that, with some of my work being sold as merchandises. But I'm still impressed! By the person's impudence.

How can you take someone's else work without asking first, trace it without the creator's permission and giving no credit whatsoever, then sell it and finally show the whole process proudly on the Internet? The whole thing is so in bad taste! You simply don't do it!

So here's the person's Lugia

And mine Lugia for comparison
Lugia by Twarda8
Mine is from 2013 by the way.

"Manga version" of Charmander

And here's mine

And Latias "sketch"

And here's mine -…

I'm not sure what actions I should take right now. As I said, the act isn't very harmful. And the person traced fanarts only. The credit and linking back would be nice though.

So here it is for ya. A tracer from Youtube. Hope you had some good laugh reading the journal. Now exuse me, I gotta go. Need to do some shoping!

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Art Trades:
No. Unless you are skillful and I trust you.
No. Unless you are skillful and I trust you.
Event only. And usually on DeviantArt.

Zniw Adventure

Zniw Adventure is an adventure game that is being created by me (Twarda8) and CrashPL. Feel free to check out Tumblr post with further info and download links!

If you are interested in updates, you can allways search
Zniw Adventure tag on our blogs:

Twarda's blog I CrashPL's blog


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