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Karolina Twardosz
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FAQ - please read before you ask! Thank you.

(occasionally NSFW)

You are allowed to post my fanart on your blog. You cannot change my fanart in anyway. The only alter I accept is putting my pokemon fanart pictures or part of them in a pokemon card. Please credit me by puting my DeviantArt name or Karolina 'Twarda' Twardosz in a description and by adding link to my DeviantArt profile.
You have to ask for permision to post commissions and personal work on your blog.
DO NOT post any of my work on Facebook without my permission.

Most of my digital artworks were made in program called GIMP (version 2.6.7.).
I use Wacom tablet (Wacom Bamboo Fun, model CTE-650W).

Email twarda.arts[at]
If I don't respond for a long time then your message may have ended in spam without my knowledge. Please resend the message or notify me via note on DeviantArt or PM on Facebook.

The 2017 journal: updates, wishes and stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2017, 6:51 AM

We are 2 weeks into 2017, and while my goverment invented San Escobar already, I still haven't written my 'Happy New Year Yadayada' journal. Too busy and/or tired I was... with a tad of lazyness when I actually got the free time to write anything longer than 2 lines. And I do think that some kind of bigger status-journal-update-text from me is needed for you, my followers, to be aware how I'm doing (and that I'm not dead!). I bet that many of you have noticed my lower activity on this (and other) site, eh?

So, what has happened during the late 2016 and where I have been? Well, 2016 wasn't particular lucky for everyone, including me (many of relatives passed away, some car accidents, debts, and surgeries here and there), but in the general it's been like that: lots of business and tiredness. Doing commissions all day long, mixed with asset making for our game, ZA with some headaches in between - that's how I've been doing. The better part of the late 2016 was getting my own flat - which ultimately removed all the concerns related to where to live and how to live. And with that, I can stand relieved and focus more on the work, including following the art path I've chosen (that is, when I have the time to do the art :/).
Sometimes, I wonder, how would I end if I had chosen to stay and follow the academic-scientific path instead. Well, current circumstances aren't very favourable to continue studying, and with a very low chance to get a good job afterwards, I'm fine with the choice I made anyway.

What are the other, trivial and unimportant news which you may still find interesting, from 2016? My Atari 2600 collection increased a bit (got more NTSC cartridges after that post too!), some more awful games were purchased as well for lulz and gigglez. Pokemon Sun & Moon sucks IMO, and I have written a Finding Dory review somewhere I never posted (my reception was mixed, if you are curious). Oh, and Ferdynand is doing good, currently having its Winter doze in the fridge. It's been almost 3 years and the plant is still alive! I think I'm taking good care of it ^_^

Now, let's move to our game update. As many of you may know, we (yours truly and Crash), are developing a point'n'click adventure game called Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure, or Zniw Adventure for short. The game was scheduled to release in late 2016, but, saddly, we didn't make it, and hence we moved the release date forward to 2017. More positive part is that the game is in a quite finished (but unpolished) state now, yet it needs various missing assets added and placeholders replaced, with actual graphics and animations. Currently, I'm tweaking the locations [screens], like the cave, which I wanted to revamp for a long long while. Crash is working on the Polish translation. We are also working on a better demo, with sound and graphic updated accordingly. You can read the Steam update here: link.
Here, I would like to mention two people, who help with the game development: Denis Comtesse, who is responsible for all of the major, and lovely, sounds you will hear in the game. And there is Tomozaurus, who provided useful information about some dinosaur species living that time, to my dinosaur knowledge.

But enough of that, as so far the journal is about what I did and do but there's little about Happy New Year Yadayada... So... um, yeah, a very very late happy 2017, with less gorillas in the news, more good stuff happening, and discovering your inner strenghts as an artist (as I'm writting this primary as a DA journal), or whoever else you want to be, and succesfully folowing your this year or/and life-long goals. And if it's not gonna be ok, then don't let the grief get to you; there's enough grief in the world. Focus on the good stuff and enjoy each moment, don't waste them. Those are my thoughts and advices, quite universal, but actual, I belive.

Oh, and as for footnote, I got a note from TheMoonlitPrince asking to share the info about weapon designs available to purchase/raffle. Apparently, the person bought various designs but never used them - more of that in theirs journal, if you are interested. It won't hurt share the info, so I'm including it here; someone may find this useful.

(Dang... How many times I repeated to myself to change this journal skin by now?)

  • Listening to: Apocalyptica
  • Playing: Pocket Monsters: Crystal Version


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Zniw Adventure

Zniw Adventure is an adventure game that is being created by me (Twarda8) and CrashPL. Feel free to check out our demo!

If you are interested in updates, you can allways search
Zniw Adventure tag on our blogs:

Steam: link

Twarda's blog I CrashPL's blog


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