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It's been almost 1 year...

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 1:15 PM

...Since I wrote last journal entry.
I sort of feel like I have abandoned DeviantArt, being focused more on Tumblr, visiting DeviantArt only from time and posting something for the sake of being active.
And it's been almost 1 year since I've updated Nabyn and Weasyl, I belive. Damn, I guess I can't keep track on everything I have now.

So, what should I say? Maybe what happened during this (almost) year?

Er... Nothing more than I typed in the previous journal? Busy with studies, busy with progresing, busy with practicing, and playing games on my 3DS because life is too short and I decided to waste it some more on games, how delightful...
Hm, even most of the "to do" list from the previous journal wasn't filled... I'm so forgetful.

!But there is one thing I should notify you, my watchers, old and new.

Me and CrashPL are making a video game.

How? Why? It happened. We just talked once and then suddenly - BAH - we are making a damn game. It will be featuring Zniw. We will be posting updates on our Tumblr accounts under ctgame tag on both mine and his blog.

Well, after that, maybe I should write what I think about Pokemon XY (finally)?*
Generally I think Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are medicore games. Surely there have hella improvements, pretty good interface, much more faster loadings and of course graphics (obviously, since this is a 3DS game). Yet, when I launched my game on October 10th, I felt it was kind of... unfinished - the art on menus, the minigames and those games in Pokemon Amie. It felt like the half of the game was done right the other half was done by someone else. And of course the lack of 3D and incredible lag during battles with 3D on. Like couldn't they improve they programing/code/whatever? I've seen pretty games in 3D working smothly and this one chokes with 2 pokemon models in a bland background (and the 3D within the battles isn't that spectacular either. It's only good during evolutions and trades). Now I'm adjusted to that so no big deal, but that was my first impressions.
The first part of the game, maybe 1/3 in the game, felt like this is gonna be something huge. It took ages to get into, like, 3rd or maybe 4th gym (don't quite remeber now, lol). Yet after that it began look bland and uninspiring. It ended much shorter than it initialy looked.
Oh and I got like lv 80 being before 5th gym or such? Those games were the easiest games ever created by GF, I think - easy EV train, easy breeding and those leveling up during the gameplay? Wow. That's either a flaw or advantage, depending on the situation/view. But it seemed rather out of place.
Mega evolutions? Mega gimmick I would say. I was afraid that they will focus on Mega evolutions so much, they will be very few new pokemon. It's basicaly DPP again: "reboots" of old pokes (because it's easier to make a pokemon from an existing pokemon) and few new pokes. And It's lame that single form pokemon gets their Megas form. I mean - if they Mega Evolve, that means it is a high possiblity that they will never receive a normal evolution, right? Forever 1 stage pokemon with an optional form.
And the last thing. The plot. I played it. I finished it. And I was like - wtf is going on. Why is the reasoning of that. This is so random. This doesn't make any sense...
And at the end, the epic journey turned to be just one more pokemon game, without anything that would make the game trully special. Special without all those interface and hardware-induced improvements.
(Oh, btw, have you see atractions on Global Link? I ensure you, Balloon Popping is like the worst game I have ever played, if you can call that a game an shining example of perfect gameplay).

What? Hoenn remakes? Didn't I tell you 2 years ago they will make them on 3DS? Geez.
-RSE for 3DS?
Yes, that's what I think. People. Why did you want RSE remakes so badly? Sure, you may liked RSE but look from my view:
RB got remakes because they weren't compatibile with newer games and, what not nerdy kid will play GB anyways?
GSC were originaly for GBC. Yet, they are still 8-bit games. Thankfully they remade them on DS, there was actually a quite good reason to do it. It's a huge improvement between systems. And still, GSC aren't compatibile with newer games.
RSE? They are quite new games. 16-bit games. And somewhat compatiblile. But look at the graphics. I said I belive it is possible to make DS-ish graphics on GBA. Between GBA and DS is not a huge impovement. In fact PSP is a system where impovement would be seen. DS is a crap. Yes, I said that. I have DSi, I like it but I can see that is 1) revamped NDS (almost nothing new, the same game system, only more expensive), 2) it is inferior, especially in my country, to PSP. 3DS in other hand is a dfferent story. I think this system has potential. However it is expensive and it kinda lacks in games. But enough of gaming systems offtopic.

The possible remakes made now wouldn't be as different as the originals.
However. Remakes on 3DS is a deal. A good deal.
For now I feel like everyone wanted to "force" Nintendo/Pokemon Company/GameFreak/whoelse is running this thing to make RSE remakes because they did that to previous games. Just because of that.
I'm quite sure they will do the remakes, they know that people wants the remakes. They know they can earn money for that. They will do it. No need to be hurry.

Thanks for reading.

*My personal opinion. I have rights to have it, you have rights to have yours and let's respect that. Please restrain yourself from hateful comments. Thank you.

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Karolina Twardosz

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Pokemon stuff for all pokemaniac collected by me:
If it isn't said different, all digital pictures were made with GIMP.
I use Wacom tablet, being more detailed: Wacom Bamboo Fun, model CTE-650W.

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Event only. And usually on DeviantArt.

Knight Rider fanart :D



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