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September 20, 2012
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Bulbasaur used Vine Whip by Twarda8 Bulbasaur used Vine Whip by Twarda8

Video: [link]
Steps: [link]

Let me know if links works. Quality of the video isn't the nicest. Windows Movie Maker had a bad day or I screwed something. Be happy you get the video.
The file is with transparency; I can't choose between white background and transparency, share your thoughts please.

Bulbasaur and Vine Whip. My version of the move, so please no haters.
Yes, it was my aim to give it that shiny, "plastic", look.

Btw, everyone seem to forget that Bulbasaur is partialy Poison type. I would be as cautious as with Charmander's tail flame with this pokemon. You may not wake up one day.

Program: GIMP.
This is a special painting: from time to time Twarda gets pissed off.


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springheel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
"Eat yer heart out, Indiana Jones!"
AtDawnWeRide Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I would just like to let you know that I signed up to deviantArt specifically to tell you how amazing this picture of bulbasaur is. He is my favorite starter throughout every generation and I always chose him as a kid. This picture has amazing definition for all of his features. My favorite part is probably his face and bulb because his bulb is really well done and really pops from the picture and his face gives him his own personality. Overall, really well done!
Twarda8 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Thank you very much (:
naysu Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Professional Filmographer
the final touches and shine on this really pop him from the page :D
Twarda8 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
PhoenixMaiden210 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
KovenantKonceptions Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. Just wow. Where do I start. This piece of art is a literal epiphany for me, because for years I've sat here and thought about how the heck Vine Whip would be effective, outside of slapping a weedle to death or something. A mini venus flytrap of sorts on the end of it is GENIUS! It's like the grass-type pokemon's version of Bite or Crunch. Also, it's even MORE genius because, well, VENUSaur. VENUSaur >> VENUS flytrap!!

On to the art side of it. First off, MAJOR props to you for using GIMP to make it this good. I use Photoshop CS6 now, but I started with GIMP. You are obviously way better than me, because I couldn't get my coloring on the program to look this good. I'd try for the shiny "plastic", look as you call it many times and could not pull it off, so you get even more props from me there.

Playful look and pose, cute and cuddly yet now deadly at the same time. What more can I say. Excellent job here.
long-forgotten-sense Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There are many assholes around dA that should get their lazy asses here, and take a good look at how a fanart/redesign should be done. dA is the biggest art gallery in the world, but it's full of crap, you guys are kind of hard to find.

But why are you driven away by your own older work (saw that in your journal)? if you get rid of it you won't have enough terms of comparison, and we neither so you're getting rid of your own progress... You are hard worker now, just as you were back then and you should be proud of it :) I've never heard of you but it took me about 30 seconds through you gallery to notice your polished talent, patience and dedication. Definitely worth watching.

You're obviously on the good path for now, I just hope you aim for something achievable :) 

See ya. 
Twarda8 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
That's one of the nicest and interesting to read comment I've recievided lately, on this website. I enjoy getting feedback (even negative or hateful), but seeing something like this is a better experience than hundreds of "nice" or "kewl" comments.

This is quite complicated matter. I made DeviantArt being my main gallery - a showcase gallery. All sketches were moved into Tumblr, weaker drawings or paintings appears on other websites, and here - I post something that I think is good enough to stay here. 
I don't like having a lot of pictures. Small and consistent gallery is a + (however, due to my many art styles and interests - consistence isn't achieved here - diversity is good, but personally I think my gallery is too diverse and some guys actually thought that few people own this gallery). On top of that, old art is getting old, and usually ends embarassing me. Usually I take them down (rarely I keep them for nostalgia or message value), but I keep them on my disk - indeed, to see the progress I've made during those years.

Thank you.
long-forgotten-sense Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well people are not what they seem to be, are they. You should be receiving comments like that all the time, but you know, even a comment saying "nice" counts a lot.

I am glad you like it, because I'm doing my best to leave realistic feedback, whether the artist likes it or not. Some people up there are driven just by popularity, money, etc...  I don't care who I am talking with, I'm just doing my best to be honest.

I see, the fact that you backed up your old work explains it from your point of view. You managed to split things up, good startegy, and diversity?
Does it really matter what people think as long as they don't return the feeling that you put in your artwork back to you? Actually, yes it does. Viewers are vital for art, as they feel for you what you feel for your art and them, so you can enjoy it too (feelings are a two way route afterall...). I know these people are rare, but they're out there, and diversity attracts more people. Those saying your gallery is driven by several people are rather stupid or blind. Your technique and touch is visible on all artworks and the variety of feelings is also there. You're one of those active people, and able to handle everything. You're not just talking about things, you do them. Your diversity skill is almost extinct these days, get a good hold of it, as it skyrockets your imagination up to an rarely achieved level, an inspiring level we might say.

In the beginning, once you chose the path of art it's like chosing to allow something else live within you, something like and additional sense that reflects the other ones, and requires the whole of you, phisically and spiritually (one thing I bet you're already aware of). Art is a part of you, and you progress together with it, through your time. That's where you can see yourself at different moments in time (your past), and if your're emberassed by it, see it from all points of view. Remember that everything has both good and bad parts, and being driven backwards by the fact that all the bad (in this case) comes to you blinds your knowledge as you miss the good one, and it applies in reverse too (if all the good comes to you). You might be embarrassed but those works had a number of views, which means people were interested, and if they left a coment, it means they actually like it and they have spent their time starring at your work. If they leave constructive feedback/critics it means they're usually aware of what they're looking at, and usually willing to support that artist. Once you deleted all these works, the vital general viewer feedback is gone, and you cannot back that up really. Also, people are limited by the dellusional requirement for short comments, and even if they have more to say, they won't do it. I would make a suggestion and say, try not to reply with just a "thanks" to a comment such as "cool", and expand on whatever you can. You will be amazed to see how many people are actually willing to tell you their honest thoughts. 

That was just an example of the skipped good parts. This is necessary experience, as sometimes people give you so much power you feel like you're able to do anything :)

I am personally not a people's fan at all, even if this actually does sound contradictory towards what I have said earlier, but I'm a fan of what they're able to do. 

And regarding your multiple choices of techniques, diverse subjects/feelings etc, I can only wish you'll have a nice time doing them, as you're another one of those 5% who actually know what art is all about, you just need more experience, that's all.

Now master art, and you shall have no regrets. 

Personally, art is a living part of me, a way of thinking, a term of comparisson, freedom at it's purest. The most powerful thing I have ever touched, and something to master later in my future. It was also a life saver, discovered at the point in which I had nothing left.

And, art is usually impossible if it's not true... It becomes a part of you, so it becomes natural, and when you play by the rules of nature you live right, and the best of it, you feel it. I believe that will give me something I have never experienced with, happiness. And if it takes all my remaining time so be it, it's a fucking reason to live for. I am on my own anyway. 

I have to go whatsoever.

Catch you later.


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