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Quix - pokemonized! by Twarda8 Quix - pokemonized! by Twarda8

Tumblr post that features Twarda's ancient drawings -…

Quix - pokemonized! Let’s go back to the roots. It’s a female (orange mark on the beak, males have blue). The lineart may be too thick but I’m happy with the pic.

Quix (then Qix) were created after I had watched the first pokemon episode in my life (it was about Vulpix, could you guess?), back in the elementary school times. The typying was Rainbow (other typings are listed here [BEWARE - it’s an old artwork and the last monster features genitals]).

Quixes, like other creatures from CP - short for Cosmic Pangea - were created (or rather evolved later) by Sunevria (in Sunguardia form) - the Unverse force, 65 mya when Toi (a female bird-like alien who gone mad) chased the two last Sunevrias to our Moon. Quixes don’t exist anymore since the most events in the story (Cosmic Pangea Biodiversity) take place before humans appeared. Biodiversity supposed feature a cat-like anthro alien who is discovering ancient legends about old gods and the reason why the Universe is sitll alive, even when all 4 Sunevrias were vanished. Also the villain of this part was Toi herself, as a captured soul, guarded by her twin children.

Cosmic Pangea is a quite complicated story with multiple chapters and 4 Universes, but only Biodiversity features the monsters created by Sunevria. Moreover, it isn’t quite connected with the main story (which is Cosmic Pangea Advance, Universe, End and Neopangea), and is only related to earlier happenings in Cosmic Pangea Genesis. It’s not often I share informations about Cosmic Pangea so I though I would write more about it. If you are interested with other monsters you can check this folder here. Not much but at least someting.

CrashPL Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Pokemon Twarda Version, zastanawiałaś się kiedyś nad tym? :B

Ej nieźle gościu wygląda jako Pokemoniec. Fajnie mu te łapy bonusowe na torsie schowałaś. 8D W sumie sądząc z ilości kończyn, to tylko mu jakieś obowiązkowe (please understand™) kolce i więcej wystających elementów dodać, a już mamy mega ewolucję.
VaporeonFire Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow this really looks like it could be in the games nice job ! :D
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